Musician union of Iran is only union organize legal and international for guarding of material and intellectual advantages of Iranian musicians.
For reaching to his aims , union need to assist and Compang of all artists specially pioneers and lover’s of Iranian music.

Article 131 - Crafts men that guarantee for preserving advantages of Society too , according to principle’ s twenty Six of the Islamic republic of Iran’ s Fundamental law and For Conservation their rights and legal profits and welfare of economic condition can make haste to formation union in whole Country by work and Social affairs ministry.

Remark :
Union Society can unite with each other and organize place of union society in province and high place union Congress in whole country for ConCording in doing legal duties giving.

Some parts of association of Iranian musician union

Vegister of profession or industry :
Music instrument makers

Article 10 - Members who avoid to pay membership fee for 4 months will explusion from membership and accept them need to approve by public congress . Remark: Before deliver membership card and written dispensing of every member, union Congress Can make legal action about his reception claims by Low. Article 12 - Public Congress is the highest element of union congress that Consist of real member and have two kind Congress 1 - Public Congress ordinary 2- Public Congress extra ordinary

Article 14 - Duties of public congress:
1- Investigate and express his opinion about presidium and inspectors.
2- Investigate and approve union congress financial.
3- Select members of presidium and inspectors.
4- Determine highly - Circulated press or place for Inserting advertisement.
5- Determine policy of union Congress.
6- Decide about Competition or unite with other similar unions.
7- Consule and get decision about every thing that is available in
Function of ministry.

Article 22 - Presidium have responsibility to manage of union affairs And guard rights and legal profits members . main members of presidium are 5 and changeable members are 2 that are selected from members for three years , and having preventing their selection again.

Article 23 - presidium members will select between themselves in the First meeting after approve election and are presented by a written Pad to work and social affairs ministry to take identification.
Remark : Presidium can choose a person from own members or out of Members as secretary and give him some duties and presidium authority.
A- ( legal committee)
B- (Difference solution committee)
C- (Attend and collect of regulation committee)
D- (Statistics and in formation committee)
E- (Convenience committee)
F- (Provision and support committee)
G- (Technical committee and poetry congress)
H- (Public connection committee)
I- (Contributory used and residence committee)
J- (Investigation committee)
K- (Press Committee)

Article 15 - Public Congress extraordinary will make will presidium or
inspector or written request of half members, Public Congress authority:
1- change and correct association
2- Explusion of one or whole of presidium or inspectors.
3- Determine and approve entrance and membership fee.
4- Determine Central place and approve it’s change or get it’s authority
to presidium.
5- Approve unite or end to Competition with place or other unions congress.
6- Dissolve of congress and select members of filtration.

Article 33 - Public Congress will select two persons as a main inspectors and
Aperson as a changeable inspector for a year to their duties and their
Selection have no preventing . Article 34. Important duties and
Authority of inspector or inspectors: 1- Supervise and receive to Financial sheets and documents and guard during work of Financial affairs. 2- Receive to Complaints of members and if it’s need prepare report for sending to presidium or public congress.

3 - Prepare and bring his action to public congress.

Article 5 - All musician artists who possess the necessary qualification are free to membership and nobody can force other to membership or prevent from doing.

Remark : Music Composers or performers of it are called music artists.

Article 7 - Terms of suspension from membership or take away membership
7-1- Passed votes by Court to deprive members from society rights.
7-2- change job as be false with association of congress.
7-3- Non - payment of membership fee as write in article 10 of Association for 4 months.
7-4- Non - observance of article of association.